The Challenge

The European Central Bank and the Journées de l’économie (Jéco) are holding a video competition called the Euro Video Challenge. The competition is open until 24 September 2017.

Residents of the European Union aged between 18 and 30 can participate in the challenge. Videos can be submitted by individuals or teams of two.

The individuals or teams that produce the best videos will be invited to attend the award ceremony at the 10th anniversary of the economics conference "Les Journées de l'économie" (Jéco) in Lyon (France) on Thursday, 9 November 2017.

First prize for the winning video is €4,000.

Second and third prizes of €3,000 and €2,000 respectively may also be awarded subject to the jury’s decision on the quality of the videos.

We particularly encourage women to enter the competition.


How to enter

1. Make a video!

  • Tell us your story on an economic topic related to the European Central Bank’s activities. It should be presented in an engaging and a simple way, suitable for a young audience that does not necessarily have any previous knowledge of the topic.
  • Videos can be in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, should be in landscape format and should last no more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You must also submit the script of the video (maximum 1,500 words).
  • Trouble choosing a topic? Here are some ideas:
    • Why a single currency for Europe?
    • Why not a world currency?
    • Does the value of the euro against the dollar matter?
    • Why is too much debt a problem? Is the problem public debt or private debt?
    • Why is high inflation a problem?
    • Should troubled banks be given public money?
    • What will money look like in the future?
    • Can monetary policy reduce social inequalities?
    • Should workers be more mobile in the euro area?

2. Register and submit your video by 24 September 2017!